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Mario B

 You would think that on returning from two weeks in Sorrento, Venice and a cruise around Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia I should have been able to fire up Lightroom and pick out loads of great shots from the trip. Frustratingly, the keeper rate has been very low. Maybe I am more critical than I used to be, and my standards have increased more quickly than my proficiency as a photographer.

That is not to say that the holiday was a complete wash-out photographically. There were some successes, and not always with the most obvious subject matter. There were plenty of pretty snapshots of the well-known sights in Venice, but the most striking image was of a tug boat shot from the water bus on the way from Marco Polo airport to our hotel.


Possibly shades of Turner’s Fighting Temeraire? No dramatic sunset, but at least my tug was belching some wonderful environmentally unfriendly black smoke which helped to fill in the top right of the picture. Counterbalances the green hull and introduces a suitably industrial element to the overall composition. Well, that’s my story anyway.



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