A new Sony mid-range DSLR in the offing?

Rumours are starting to do the rounds about a forthcoming new Sony DSLR or, more accurately, two new models – the A500 and the A550. The evidence is still scanty and thin. All we have to go on are some phantom references in a model-selector drop-down list in a Canadian Sony Style website, and a Russian website with some sketchy ambiguous specs.

Oh, and there’s this photo which may or may not be photoshopped.

Apart from the 17.2 MP resolution (obviously) and the claim it supports live view, there is little else known. Not even whether it can shoot video.

It has been suggested that Sony would be reluctant to offer a DSLR that shot video for fear of damaging their valuable camcorder sales. Well Canon sell a fair few camcorders themselves and that hasn’t stopped them.

No, I think the video-enabled DSLR and camcorder play to quite distinct markets and offering a video-capable DSLR would overall be positive for Sony’s revenue, even though the CEO might need to twist a few arms at the camcorder division.

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One response to “A new Sony mid-range DSLR in the offing?

  1. I’ve compared the picture with the current Sony DSLR range. It does bear a remarkable resemblance to the A350. Hmmm.

    How likely is it that Sony would release a new model with a body shape identical to a camera that has just been phased out? I’m starting to think Photoshop and hoax, at least so far as the picture (and claimed specs) are concerned. The Canadian drop-down may have been genuine.