Another dark horse

Back in December I had to learn how to cope with low light when taking pictures of my daughter riding her horse and jumping fences. I had an opportunity to reuse some of those techniques yersterday at the British Open show jumping at the NEC LG Arena.

The light was even worse (at EV8) and I was a long way from the action, being a regular spectator in the stands albeit with a good seat. No chance of using flash – strictly prohibited for fear of spooking the horses – and the distances involved were too great anyway.

I had to resort to ISO 800 (something I really try to avoid with my camera) and pick an angle which allowed me to get away with the lowest possible shutter speed. There was a fence where the horses would be heading straight towards me as they jumped. The foreshortening effect reduced the effect of motion blur.

This is William Whitaker on Fairview Mirabelle D’Or in the opening round of the main event of the day.

1/60th @ f5.6 ISO 800. Sony DT 18-250 @ 110mm.

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2 responses to “Another dark horse

  1. smartphone

    Reall? That’s the best you could come up with?

  2. Brett Gulley

    Menurut saya dengan menggunakan flash kita sebagai pembaca akan lebih tertarikuntuk membaca artikel yang disediakan. untuk css3 saya berlum pernah membuka dan mengotak-atiknya jadi saya tidak bisa menggunakannya.