Fussy Flickr

It’s not just Flickr. It’s all images on the web. Silly me, I didn’t know there was no support at all for colour management of images displayed on web browsers. So I uploaded a JPEG created using the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space, to Flickr. The Adobe colour space extends to more colours than the more common sRGB so you’d think it might appear more colourful or vibrant, but the image looked awful. My poor daughter looked less than healthy.

I tried again with the sRGB equivalent. That worked rather better. sRGB images look about right on the web but nothing else does. It’s all explained here.

It really is about time someone did something about this, particularly given the proliferation of photographic images on the web since the advent of digital photography.

See if you can tell which image is sRGB and which is the Adobe RGB. No prizes.

First published here 25 June 2008 on my Windows & technology blog Hasta la vista, Vista!

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